1. Advocate for space and representation of PSOs, CSOs and FBOs at the EAC decision making, policy and legislative formulation and reform process;
  2. Build and retain strategic partnership with relevant partners to promote and advance the objective of EAHP;
  3. Strategic engagement with the EAC secretariat, relevant organs and institutions as well as other RECs on health matters;
  4. Develop a media and communication strategy and build partnership with the media for policy advocacy on health matters in the region;
  5. Commission and or utilize relevant research findings from other source on health politics and legislation;
  6. Empower through capacity building of PSOs, CSOs and FBOs to contribute and interrogate health policies, legislation and their impacts in the region.
  7. Develop frameworks for PSOs, CSOs and FBOs to engage and proactively track delivery of health policies and legislation;