Chairpersons Note

I am honored to serve as the 2nd Chair of EAHP from November 2018, a year that marked the 5th Anniversary of the platform being a leading influence on Regional health policy where the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) concept is put into practice within the framework of the regional Consultative Dialogue Framework and the broader EAC Treaty.

It is inspiring to reflect EAHP past accomplishments and I take this opportunity to present my appreciation to the EAHP Steering Committee (2012-2018) under the remarkable leadership of Dr. Amit Thakker – Kenya Healthcare Federation. While the past lays a strong foundation, the future lays ahead with a dynamic business environment which may possess opportunities and challenges as we strive to sustain the gains and set new milestones.
The Board of Trustees (2018-2021) stands ready to serve as a resource and advocate for the Non State Actors on health matters in the East Africa Community region. Personally I believe in team work and more so the satisfaction that comes when a team scores and attains more than each one could individually. I believe all great teams have a few common attributes including strong leadership, shared vision and recognition rather than credit apportioning.

Building on the previous leadership legacy and successes, counting on the will and shared commitment by each member company/agency, maximizing on the Platform Secretariat staff, Individual Board members, all partners and well-wishers, I look forward to working towards a collective commitment and success.

EAHP envisions a healthy and productive population which enjoys quality and affordable health care within EAC region. Our Mission is to facilitate the growth and effective contribution of non-state-actors in health towards regional health integration for the benefit of the East African population. To realize these ambitious dreams, our strategic engagement shall focus on but not limited to:

  1. Membership drive– We shall work towards a diversified membership for broader inclusion and representation.
  2. Improved quality of PPP– We shall work towards demystifying, redefining the concept of Public Private Partnership via policy and practice.
  3. Sustainability – We shall endeavor to define a portfolio for diversified revenue generation to enhance institutional and programme development.
  4. Shared leadership and accountability – As the incoming Chair, I recognize the individual and totality of EAHP capabilities and that serves as a capital and resource for a formidable health platform.

Moving forward, I have been part of the strategic plan development for 2018-2023, I am excited about what we are set to accomplish from 2019 and beyond as we strive to be “the choice partner “on health matters in the EAC region. Please contact me at to share your successes, to provide any ideas or suggestions for improvement within the platform.

Chair, EAHP : Dr. Aflodis Kagaba