The Health Platform

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The Health Platform (EAHP) offers a range of Technical and Logistical Support functions tailored to the unique needs of Health Businesses and Entrepreneurs, Faith Missions, NGOs, CSOs and allied Social Enterprises Organizations. The ultimate goal is for the client to thrive and maximize their positive impact, improve efficiency and returns in the investment while addressing social, human health and environmental challenges.

PPD - Public Private Dialogue

The Health Platform PPD Hub aims at fostering a conducive policy and legal business environment, promoting sustainable economic development, and improving governance effectiveness by harnessing the expertise, resources, and innovation of both sectors to address shared challenges and seize opportunities for growth and prosperity. Key elements:
1. Information Sharing and Transparency
2. Multifaceted Platform for Engagement
3. Agenda Setting
4. Policy Monitoring and Analytics
5. Issue Resolution and Problem Solving
6. Consultation and Feedback Mechanisms
7. Capacity Building and Training
8. Inclusive Engagement Framework and Participation
9. Monitoring and Evaluation

AfyaGrid - Market Facilitation

The AfyaGrid combines promotes the Common Market concept assuring increased understanding, fair trading grounds, resilient market systems, competitive benefiting hence inclusive economic growth for inculcating a rural – urban – local and foreign actors mix. Key elements:
Key elements
1. Market promotion and Information Systems
2. Value Chain Development Support
3. Matching of Financial Inclusion Services
4. Regulatory and Policy Support
5. Market Training and Capacity Building
6. Market Linkage Programs
7. Market Research and Analysis
8. Innovation and Technology Adoption

Ujuzi - Work Force Development

The Ujuzi Health and Allied “Workforce development” aims at building a skilled and adaptable workforce, strengthening economies, and promoting social and economic mobility for individuals, communities and the health sector at large. Key offering are:
1. Skills Training and Education
2. Job Placement and Career Services
3. Apprenticeships/Internships and Professional Volunteering
4. Mentorship and coaching to support to Start Ups
5. Workplace Safety, Rehabilitation and Wellness
6. Continuing Education and Learning Circles
7. Workforce Data and Analysis
8. Partnerships and Collaboration

ITS - Innovation and Technological Solutions

The Innovation and technology Solution Service (ITS) Unit aims at promoting and demonstrating the best of human and systems components working together to enable organizations and individuals to harness the power of innovation and technology to solve complex problems, improve efficiency, and achieve strategic objectives. Key components:
1. Product Development
2. User Experience (UX) Design
3. Knowledge Management and Insights
4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
5. Regulatory Compliance and Standards
6. Continuous Improvement and Iteration

Utafiti - R&D forum

Utafiti Initiative supports partners to incorporate, budget and execute activities associated to community research and development activities as part of major programs to enhance collaborative learning, demand driven investments and ultimately driving positive change, and improve the well-being of residents. Key elements:

1. Needs Assessment
2. Capacity Building
3. Stakeholder Engagement
4. Partnerships and Collaboration
5. Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation
6. Solution Adaptation and Flexibility
7. Ethical Considerations

Tulia Hub -Rehabilitation & Wellness

The Tulia Rehabilitation and Wellness Service Hub aims to empower individuals, teams and corporates though knowledge, skills and coherent plans to either prevent, control, manage and or rehabilitate to achieve their highest level of functioning, independence, and quality of life after experiencing health-related setbacks. Key elements:
1. Physical Therapy
2. Occupational Therapy
3. Referral and collaboration
4. Mental Health Counseling
5. Nutritional Counseling
6. Wellness Programs
7. Recreational Therapy
8. Assistive Technology
9. Peer Support and Peer Mentoring
10. Family and community Integration and Participation

Technical Support Bureau

The newly established East Africa Health Technical Support Bureau (TSB) is a dedicated Unit within the Health Platform (EAHP) that provides fee based technical assistance, solution building, and guidance to members and non-members stakeholders aimed at optimizing positive impact, improve efficiency and returns on the investment while addressing social, human health and environmental challenges. Available Services at the Technical Support Bureau:
1. Consultancy Services (CS)
2. Technical Support (TS)
3. Logistical Support
4. Technical Reference Group (Business & Service Advisory Groups)
5. Customer Support Desk

Help Desk

The Health Platform Help Desk aims at ensuring members, stakeholder and client satisfaction, enhancing productivity, and maintaining the smooth engagement of Health Noin State Actos in the EAC Health integration and market development. Key elements:
1. Remote Assistance and support to Members and Client Support
2. Issue Logging and Tracking
3. Resolution Guidance
4. Knowledge Management
5. User Orientation and Education
6. Feedback Collection
7. Performance Monitoring and Reporting