Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) is an ecumenical body established in 1992 jointly by the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) and the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of social services (health and education) by the member churches in Tanzania. It is the largest ecumenical organization in Tanzania, working under more than 127 dioceses and provinces that own and manage about 42% of hospital health services, 56% of health facilities in rural areas, and more than 10% of education services in Tanzania.

The main roles of CSSC include coordination and facilitation of social services, advocacy in health and education, institutional development, capacity building, and fostering partnership and networking. Currently, CSSC works with a network of more than 965 church health facilities at different levels from dispensaries to consultant and teaching hospitals, and 1033 education facilities from pre-primary schools to universities.

The CSSC head office is located in Dar es Salaam and operates in the whole country through its five zonal offices namely the Northern zone located in Arusha, the Eastern zone in Morogoro, the Southern zone in Mbeya, the Western zone in Tabora, and Lake Zone in Mwanza.

The vision of CSSC is an enlightened and well-educated community that is enjoying a quality life and is free from diseases and poverty.


The mission of CSSC is to support the delivery of social services in Tanzania through collaboration and partnership, advocacy, capacity building, and selected interventions, with the compassion and love of Jesus Christ.