The Community Alliance for Health Research and Development (CARD-EA) is a collaborative project between East African Health Platform (EAHP) and PATH aimed at promoting evidence-based policies through advancements in health research. The project pursues to enhance Civil Society and community groups engagement and alignment of research outcomes to health policy development and reforms.

Recent reports calling for more resources to improve health in developing countries, and global pressures for accountability, draw greater attention to research-informed policy-making. Utilization of health research cannot be undervalued and is increasingly recognized. Health research contribute to policies that are more likely to eventually lead to desired outcomes, and more sustainable impact.

To advocate for CSOs engagement in the evidence-based Research and Development policies and agenda setting, funding allocation, and program implementation that support the development and uptake of global health technologies.


Broader Outcomes

Policies are adopted that formally integrate a focus on R&D and product development and that mandate participation in regional harmonization efforts.

Regional economic community policies—the East Africa Health Research Strategy incorporate AU Model Law on Regulatory Harmonization recommendations to improve alignment (e.g. expanding EAC Africa Medicines Regional Harmonization [AMRH] strategy to include harmonized pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, and medical devices reviews).

The domestic financing gap for R&D and regulatory harmonization closed or reduced and committed R&D and regulatory funding is fully disbursed. New resources to support establishment and implementation of multinational R&D-related initiatives, including the African Medicines Authority and Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), are committed by Kenya and other EAC member states