FHI 360 and EAHP are collaborating with Philanthropy University (Phil U) on its recently-launched online Learning Platform. The Platform provides free, online capacity-development courses and communities of practice to foster peer networking and support.
To promote the availability of the Platform, which is designed for Global South CSOs, Phil U and FHI 360 are collaborating with EAHP to engage our networks working in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi, and Uganda to complete the new course “Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation” from April 16 to May 27, 2018.

EAHP in collaboration

EAHP in collaboration with FHI 360 will:

  • Support learners from selected CSOs to enroll and engage in the M&E course to maximize completion rates;
  • Mentor and monitor uptake of learning from the course and community of practice engagement; Conduct post-course follow-ups to document: a) learners’ experiences using the Platform and course content and delivery, and b) actions taken by learners to share and/or adopt learning from the course in your projects and/or organizations; and
  • Share with Philanthropy University feedback on the Platform and on the course EAHP, FHI 360 and Philanthropy University share the desire to help CSOs become more effective in their work and accelerate the impact of local organizations. The data we gather from piloting the M&E course will inform refinements to the Philanthropy University Platform and future courses.

For more information about the Platform and course, please visit www.philanthropyu.org. For details about the collaboration, please contact Jonniah William at (+255) 739 357000 and +255 758100001 or eahp@eahponline.net / ceo.eahp@gmail.com

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