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Dear Partners,

On behalf of our board of trustees, EAHP secretariat and the Chairman’s office, we are happy to acknowledge the fact that we have just turned 11 years. Our key mandate as the East African Health Platform (EAHP) is to foster stronger ties for better health in East Africa. This is aligned well with our core mission which is to promote regional health integration with non-state actors for the East African Population.

2020 has proven to be a year that put the health systems and structures in Africa under the limelight. Partnerships especially in the health space have been called upon as individual countries have had to pull resources together from both the public and private sectors. The East African Countries have not been exempted as discussions on how to work to ensure that affordable and quality healthcare reaches the EAC population has escalated.

After the first case of the Corona Virus being detected and reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Africa (Egypt on 14th February 2020), talks of the vaccination being rampant followed suit. 2021 has shown that through collaborations and Health Systems Strengthening we can achieve more. With the WHO, Africa CDC, and other organizations working to ensure that the Covid-19 vaccine reaches everyone, we are striving to work with governments and development partners to ensure that safety and Covid-19 restrictions are adhered to and followed in the EAC member states.

As we strive to make sure that the East African Countries are keeping safe amidst the Corona virus pandemic, we have committed to work closely with not only the public sector but also other healthcare stakeholders. We have many activities and projects this year that will help us make positive changes towards the health space. We are calling upon partnerships and collaboration from groups that are interested in East Africa to work with us to strengthen the health systems.

As the journey towards Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) is beefed up across the continent, we look forward to working with you to have a healthy and productive population who has access to affordable and quality health care in EAC region.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Aflodis Kagaba

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